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As much as necessary, as little as possible: With our intelligent Smart Spraying Solution, farmers only apply herbicides where they are really needed. This reduces costs while increasing crop yields, and also protects the soil and the environment.

Smart Spraying Solution combines xarvio's agronomic and digital expertise with Bosch's software and system integration expertise, as well as proven hardware from Bosch's large-scale production, to create a holistic solution for effective weed management in the field.


Up to


herbicide savings*

Reliable weed detection





Applicable by day and night

* Field trials in 2020 have shown that smart spraying can help reduce herbicide use by up to 70% when used correctly. Savings vary widely and depend on the weed pressure of each field. The results are based on real field tests.

What are the benefits of the Smart Spraying Solution?


Spot applying herbicides enables the use of more efficient solutions to an affordable cost or a cost optimization per hectare.


We enable future data-driven decision opportunities for the farmer that will be enhanced by xarvio’s agronomic intelligence.


It is easy to use and automates the decision of what to spray, when to spray and where to spray.


We minimize the use of herbicides and therefore we lower the impact on the environment.


How does the Smart Spraying Solution work?


Digital intelligence and proven hardware:
The system components of Smart Spraying Solution


Internationally successful field tests

Our Smart Spraying Solution has already proven its benefits for farmers in diverse regions of the world and under a wide range of climatic conditions. With our project house, founded in 2016 in cooperation between Bosch and xarvio, we have extensively tested the Smart Spraying Solution in field tests in various countries and are continuously developing the technology further.

This includes not only endurance tests on various fields, but also ongoing training of the smart algorithms and tests of the efficiencies of different spraying strategies and weed sensitivity levels - from the highest possible herbicide savings to maximum crop yield.

Learn more about the results of our field tests and the feedback from our partners.