Sow better, harvest more

Our Intelligent Planting Solution gives growers full control over the seeding process - from individual control of the amount of seed in each planting row to selective and uniform planting of each field area. The result: reduced costs and maximized yields.

Intelligent Planting combines xarvio's agronomic and digital expertise with software and proven hardware from Bosch's high-volume production. Bosch technology ensures optimal seeding based on satellite imagery and variable seeding maps, which are individually calculated for each field area by xarvio's algorithms.


Up to


higher yields*



from one source



Bosch series technology

* Based on field tests in Brazil, 2020. Results vary by field and growing conditions.


What are the benefits of Intelligent Planting?

The Innovative Planting Solution ensures optimum seed metering at all times - individually adapted to the fertility of the respective field area. In addition, Intelligent Planting Solution also enables subsystem control. These include fertilizer application, opening and folding of the seed drill, and control of the air suspension.

The networked system uses map and sensor data to automatically determine the optimum seed and fertilizer rates in real time and apply them efficiently. Farmers not only benefit from the best possible land use and ideal plant growth thanks to precise seed spacing, but also save valuable resources such as seed, fertilizer and fuel. Intelligent Planting is also available as a retrofit solution and can be easily integrated into existing seed drills.

  • Ensure correct spacing between plants
  • Avoid row overlap
  • Assure quick, even emergence
  • Optimize plant populations
  • Adjust crop nutrition applications
  • Reduce competition between plants
Intelligent Planting Solution enables producers to optimize inputs & maximize crop production on every square meter of their fields.

How does Intelligent Planting work?

Intelligent Planting enables control of fixed and variable rate seeding and fertilizer application without the need for manual regulation via a transmission. Fixed rates can be set by the operator directly from the tractor via the display. Variable rates, with different seed spacing depending on the field, are applied automatically using sowing or application maps. Intelligent Planting then ensures optimum distribution in the field in four highly automated steps.


Digital intelligence and proven hardware:
system components from Intelligent Planting

„With our soybeans, Intelligent Planting has paid for itself in seed and fertilizer savings alone within a year. That's not even counting the higher productivity. In corn, the productivity gain is even higher, as double seeding is particularly problematic here and is consistently avoided by Intelligent Planting. We've found that planting is extremely uniform, especially in curves.“